lipstick shades

5 Lipstick Shades for Everyone

Purchasing lipstick can become a bit of an obsession. It’s easy to get lost in all the brands, shades, and reviews that are made available to you online. It is a very personal experience, especially when you’re trying to find a shade that is perfect for you. Lucky for you, we’ve found a few colours and brands that suit every girl just trying to find her favorite lippy.

avc for a change

AVC & It’s Life Changing Uses

Apple cider vinegar is one of those multipurpose elixirs that are seemingly magical. It has been used by millions of people for just about everything, from a main ingredient in salad dressing to skin rejuvenation, even for medicinal purposes.If you’re looking to make use of the bottle you have sitting in your kitchen pantry, we have a few ways you can include apple cider vinegar in your daily beauty routine and everyday life: