Khloe Kardashian’s Beauty Hack: Getting Fuller Lips

Let’s be honest, when it comes to having plump and full lips, we always look to celebrities and try to mimic howthey achieve the perfect pucker. Khloe Kardashian recently shared on snap chat how she gets what we like to call the ‘million-dollar pout’. For those of you who missed this on snap chat, we have the inside scoop on how exactly she does it, no fillers necessary! She shares that there is nothing quite like having big, full lips and when she wants an extra pouty look she highly recommends going the route of over-lining her lips.

Here is a step-by-step process of how to make your lips appear fuller without having to get any cosmetic procedures done in the process:

1. Applying Concealer to the Lips

Concealer can be used for much more than covering up dark circles and imperfections on the skin. Concealer helps create a blank canvas for your lips before you begin applying any type of pigmentation to your lips.

2. Overline your Cupid’s Bow and Lower Lip

Lip liner is your best friend for this handy little lip trick. When you apply the lip liner you should do so slightly above the top the natural line of your cupid’s bow. You also apply another line right below where your natural lower lip line resides to reach maximum fullness. She recommends Make Up Forever’s liner “Chestnut” to achieve the most natural look. She also recommends not to ever go outside of the natural outer lip line (on the sides of your mouth).

3. Avoid Harsh Lines

If one of the issues you have with your lipstick is keeping it on all night, you have to avoid the lip liner ring that tends to form around the mouth. You can do this by filling that area of your mouth in with lip liner and then applying a layer of matte lipstick similar to the shade of lip liner you’re using. If you color your lips in completely you will achieve long-lasting mattifying effects.

4. Swipe Clear Gloss for Extra Shimmer

When you’re in the mood for a little bit of glimmer and gloss, Khloe recommends swiping a clear gloss or one that matches the color of your lipstick to further enhance the fullness and shimmer of your lips. Khloe’s make up artist Joyce Bonelli recommends Kevyn Aucoin The Lip Gloss.

5. Highlight the Lips

To put the final touches on achieving full and luminous lips, Khloe recommends adding highlighter in the cupid’s bow and on the center area of the lower lip. This further enhances the size of your lips in a minimal way.

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